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Dennis Lofstrom decided at 13 to become a mission doctor. He worked toward that end, was a corpsman in WWII, and continued on with his medical education at the University of Minnesota. He told the Board of World Missions he was ready to serve in the mission field, but they told him at that time they didn’t have a place for him. Dennis started a family practice office in Pine River, MN, but, because of his intention to go to the mission field, a special residency program was arranged for him and he had three years of general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and eye surgery in addition to his family practice duties, including home calls. At the end of those three years he was sent to Tanganyika and became doctor-in- charge at Kiomboi Lutheran Mission Hospital. He stayed there for 3 years, then returned to the U.S. and took a residency/teaching fellowship at the Univ. of Minn. in experimental pathology. He had his own pathology lab in northern Minnesota for 12 years. From there he went into cardiopulmonary medicine for 2 years with the V.A. system, and then into emergency medicine at a Level I trauma center in St. Cloud, MN for 16 years. During that period he and his wife Paula started going to Guatemala doing mission medical work. In 1998 Dr. Lofstrom was the doctor at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. After that followed two more years in chronobiology back with the University of Minnesota NASA system. Thinking it was time to retire, the Lofstroms moved to Arkansas, but the call from Mary Kitundu changed those plans with the invitation to go to Iambi Hospital in 2002. After 4 years at Iambi the Lofstroms moved to Mwanza to start Nyakato Health Center, and they’re now at The Children’s Hospital at Zinga.