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Welcome to International Health Partners TZ and International Health Partners - US INC.


We are people, working with people, to improve health care for the people of Tanzania.


While working on our first project, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to help improve the health care system in Tanzania.  They recognized the huge problems that Tanzania faces especially with the high incidence of both HIV/AIDS and poverty.


Check out our projects to see where we are making a difference.


We welcome your input, your time as volunteers and your goodwill.  Please feel free to investigate our website and choose the project nearest your heart....and contact us.  Our contact page has all the different ways we can be reached.  We will get back to you promptly with even more details.


Check out the updates to hear first hand what's happening in Tanzania.  The stories and pictures are worth the visit alone.


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For And About Our Volunteers

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If you are interested in volunteering at IHP-TZ in Tanzania, please fill out our Volunteer application.  It will help us match up skills, needs and availabilities.


Information and forms for physicians, nurses and other volunteers are available on the Volunteers page of this site, or through this link:  Volunteer Information


Important information for medical teams can be found on the Volunteer page.




Thank You for Car Troubles Response

You have been so wonderful to us.  Thank you.


We received almost $5,000 in response to our emergency “help us with car troubles” email. Bless you, bless you. So, then more started to go wrong, so we had a “sit, talk, and think” session and have decided to start looking for a newer used car. We’re still looking, talking, and thinking, but at least now we have options.


What a relief. Thank you!




Current Update (August) - See Updates page for past news and pictures

Mary Ellen Kitundu writing:

Dear Friends of the Parents and Children of Tanzania,


I have been working on my family tree. And I have noticed a pattern as I investigate my ancestors. I am sure those of you that work on your family trees have noticed this too. The women die young and often in childbirth. And the men marry again and again.


Now days, when someone is pregnant, we never think that the mother or infant may die during the birthing process. But formerly in the US, that was a problem, just as severe as it is now in East Africa.


Here, maternal and infant mortality is high. And the sad thing is that we have the knowledge to stop these horrendous deaths. Many hospitals are starting to keep track of how long they can go without having a maternal death or neonatal death. Some can go as long as a week without recording a death, some a month. Rarely do the go "deathless" for 6 months. For women here, the thought of death as a result of pregnancy is never far from thought. One woman dies every hour of every day in sub-Saharan countries.


But we can change these statistics. That is why we are, once again, building a birthing center. This will be a private and safe place to give birth. We are training people to recognize danger signs, to assist in the birthing process and to avoid deaths. We have the knowledge. People are giving us equipment.


All we need is the building. We will have staff...even a neonatologist (one of two in the country.) When Paula and Denny return to the US, they will be emphasizing the need for safe birth.


And that is also why we are building a modern hospital: one out of four children will not reach the age of five.


All of the above tells you why we spend our retirement years working without pay to build this hospital. Join us any way you can: tell the story, find places for us to tell the story, fund raise, give of your time and money as you are able and your hands to volunteer...in many ways.


The parents, the children and we are all so grateful.


Sincerely, Mary Ellen Kitundu, President of IHP-US and IHP-JEMA-TZ


Dennis Lofstrom writing:

We may be making some progress in getting electric power from Tanesco (Tanzania electric service company). Their representative, with the Zinga Village Chairman, came out to see how far our outpatient unit is from the nearest power line and how many power poles would be required to bring electricity to the Children’s Hospital of Tanzania. This is hopeful!


We are fortunate in having lighting at night from our solar panel on the roof of the house Dr. Charles and Lynne Powell have built here and where Paula and I are living at present. Dr. Charles is a specialist in very young and sick babies, and Lynne is a pediatrician and they will live here when they come to Zinga as permanent medical staff.


We are able to continue to work conveniently after it gets dark, about 6:30 to 6:45 PM. But we still enjoy the candle light dinner after watching the (usually) beautiful sunsets from the screened in dining porch.


Zinga Sunset 


I would urge you to form a construction team, a medical team, or a combination of the two and come out for 2-3-4 or more weeks and help us with The Children’s Hospital at Zinga, or simply to come as an individual. We have a job for each and every one of you.


We have acquired a few more acres for the hospital building site now totaling a little over 50 acres. The purpose was to straighten out the boundaries, but the seller surprised us by offering additional land, so the boundaries still remain irregular for fencing the site, which we plan to clearly define the borders.


Thank you for your support and interest,

Den Lofstrom, M.D., C.O.O., Vice-President, IHP


Paula Lofstrom writing:

You have been so wonderful to us. Thank you.


We received almost $5,000 in response to our emergency “help us with car troubles” email. Bless you, bless you. So, then more started to go wrong, so we had a “sit, talk, and think” session and have decided to start looking for a newer used car. We’re still looking, talking, and thinking, but at least now we have options.


What a relief. Thank you.


It’s almost my birthday (August 29th), but it’s been like Christmas unloading the Paola container. After we packed all of Drs. Powell’s Children’s Clinic equipment into the container, and a few palates of quilts, baby clothes, diapers, etc. from Monica Burke’s group in California, and a gas refrigerator into the container, we filled up the rest of the space with furniture and boxes of ours that had been in storage for 14 years. Just this morning I unloaded a box of cookbooks I had when I raised my family on the farm in Iowa. It’s like bringing bits and pieces of my life back to me. And the recipes! Aha! Now that we have a refrigerator I can cook and store many more things! We will be better able to accommodate more people and teams.


Speaking of food; Each day when we’re eating lunch I notice a woman in the rice field across the way. She’s “gleaning.” The rice was harvested several weeks ago, but she comes, every day, to see if something was missed? Have more plants “volunteered” up and sprouted a few more useable grains of rice? I wonder about her, about her story. Is she a mother trying to feed her family? Is she just very poor and alone and trying to stay alive? No, I’m not going to go ask her. First of all there is the language barrier, but secondly, I don’t want her to lose any dignity from my asking her questions. But, I do wonder…..a few grains of rice…


The Gleaner 


Whenever I am at the seashore, I’m sure my real purpose in life was meant to be a beachcomber. I love picking up shells – the perfect ones, the almost perfect ones, the ones that are a slightly different shape, size or color than the others. The first building of The Children’s Hospital at Zinga is an empty shell at this stage.


The unfinished Shell of the Children's hospital 


It will be filled with equipment, thanks to the Powells, whenever the building is ready to open. But now, we need to coat this empty shell by plastering the walls, inside and out, dropping in the electrical lines, adding plumbing, and adding doors. The Rotary of Luna Vista, California is working to raise the money for the terrazzo machines so we can have safe, adequate, long-lasting, low maintenance flooring.


Benedikt Matt is a young doctor from Austria. We have with us as a student at Nyakato, and has returned.


Benedikt Matt writing:

I’ve been visiting Paula and Denny here in Zinga for about three weeks now: Rice fields, mango trees, small churches and schools, a little Tanzanian village full of life. Far away from the traffic and commotion of Bagamoyo or Dar es Salaam – and far away from their medical care. The people of Zinga must be anxious to see the hospital open.


And everyone here is working hard every day to make this happen. Builders, Carpenters, Painters, Gardeners - all contributing the best they can. There still is so much to do… But one can already see: this is going to be a wonderful place.




Benedikt Matt painting 


Selebani Shabani, Contractor, Project Manager, for IHP writing:

Dear IHP-JEMA donors,


First I would like to write to you a “THANK YOU NOTE” for your help and supporting getting things done here at Zinga, Bagamoyo. You were there whenever we asked for your help, e.g. last week when we had car trouble, you were there to help. Thank you very much for all of your help and support you have been giving to the people of Tanzania.


Together we can make this dream come true (we can make this hospital) and we can serve the women and children of this country.


May God bless every one of you for all the help you have been giving to the people of this country.


Stay blessed,




Paula writing again:

To help get the first building done, to put color and life into the shell of that building, think of giving a present to the people of Tanzania, life, health, caring:


International Health Partners, U.S.

Joyce Zemel, Treasurer

1811 So. 39th St., #36

Mesa, AZ 85201




Go to our website, www.ihptz.org and click on Just give




Call Joyce at 480/540-9317 and you can donate over the phone.


Thank you to those of you who made purchases through Amazon.Smile designating International Health Partners of Mesa, Arizona. We received our first check this month!


When you first go to Amazon.Smile, to designate us, go to Mesa, Arizona first, and then to International Health Partners, U.S., Inc.


Lastly, following is our schedule so far for the five months we will be fund raising in the U.S. Please, if at all possible, arrange a chance for us to meet more people to share the story of how God is creating an opportunity to help others at Zinga, Tanzania, East Africa.


A few grains of rice are keeping the gleaner and her family from starvation. A few dollars from you may save those same lives from illness and possible death.


Speaking schedule 2014/15:


October, 2014

1 – Drive to Rochester, MN

2 – St. Mary’s Hospital, Rochester, MN, grant request

5 – Bethel Lutheran presentation

7-8 – Nobel Conference

11 – IHP-US Board meeting, Newton, Iowa

12 – First Lutheran Church, Newton, Iowa

13 - Neurofibromatosis Foundation meeting in St. Paul, MNa

19 – Grace Lutheran Church, Albert Lea, MN

26 – OPEN


November, 2014

2 – Presbyterian Church, Santa Barbara, CA

9 – Trinity Lutheran – Simi Valley, CA

16 – OPEN

19 – Arizona Nurses Association, Prescott, AZ

23 – Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Tucson, AZ

27 – Thanksgiving, Chandler, AZ

30 – OPEN


December, 2014

We need to be in the Kansas City area during December but will be open for “day trips” away and certainly for speaking engagements in the K.C. area and surrounding communities (up to 250 miles away).


January, 2015

4 – OPEN

11 – First Baptist Church, Edgefield, SC

18 – Lutheran Church, Clarksville, TN

25 – OPEN


February, 2015

1 – OPEN

8 – OPEN

15 – OPEN

22 – OPEN


March, 2015

Return to Zinga, Tanzania


Blessings and gratitude,


Paula and Denny