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"People working together can do great things --Tanzanian Proverb"

Every day, our mission is to work together with the people of Tanzania to improve health care. Check out our projects and our updates to see where we are making a difference!

Volunteers are always welcome - be prepared for a life-changing experience.

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June/July 2015 Update

Dear Friends of the Children of Tanzania,

Mary Ellen Kitundu writing:

We are hard at work doing the "finishing" of the out patient department. Now we are working on signs, wiring (as the electrical poles come closer and closer and insulators are installed on them) furniture inside the rooms, and all kinds of things that seem small but cost a lot of money!

And the Ministry of Health has new requirements for new hospitals. They really want to have the records digitalized so that statistics go straight to them. So now we have an automatic change over switch so that if the electricity goes off, we have generator coverage. That makes computerized charts, pharmacy records, lab records all within the realm of possibility.

Wires are installed in the walls so communication can take place between departments and the cashier's office.

A place where this is essential is the pharmacy as drugs have a way of disappearing, and they represent money! So we want to install a bar code printer and in the grocery store. It can even automatically do inventory. Let me tell you that counting individual pills is painful! This system will cost $3000 USD, and the big computer that organizes everything is also $1,500. Lots of money, but the results are so important. Any contributions to this mini project are welcome.

Well, quality health care is expensive, but not as expensive as in the United States...and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health is trying as hard as they can to stimulate good health care. But they never have enough money. That is what happens in developing countries.

My son Walter has reached the Arctic Sea in his bid to raise money for a Children's Ambulance. He is on the way back to Chicago...about ready to cross the Canadian and US border. Read more...

Spreading the News - 2016

Paula and Denny's 2016 speaking tour will start October 4th and end in April. Please help fill in the blanks:

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Where We Work

We work mainly in 2 different cities in Tanzania.

Zinga, the location of the childrens' hospital, is the marker on the coast and about 1.5 hrs drive north of Dar es Salaam. The Nursing School is located in Dodoma, Tanzania's capital city and located near the center of the country.