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The work of International Health Partners is 
made possible through generous contributions of 
time, money, sweat and prayers from people all 
over the world who want to see their impact. 

IHP uses these resources to build quality 
healthcare facilities where those in need can 
find excellent care in a safe envrionment. 

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We welcome volunteers to come help make our mission possible.

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for the children of Tanzania. 

If you can cut, sew, count, paint, hammer, lift, dig or 
smile we can find a way to put your gifts to work.

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International Health Partners serves the people of 
Tanzania by providing excellent healthcare to those 
who need it most.

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in the life of a child today.

Welcome To International Health Partners

"People working together can do great things --Tanzanian Proverb"

Every day, our mission is to work together with the people of Tanzania to improve health care. Check out our projects and our updates to see where we are making a difference!

Volunteers are always welcome - be prepared for a life-changing experience.

Recent Blogs

Matt West, our on-the-road supervisior/driver/Sherpa writes:  



You who sent those checks for $50 and $100 and $250 for children under five to have complete work-ups, thank you. Their mom’s thank you, too, and our clinic is able to function with a bit more money.


As you know, Mary Ellen Kitundu passed away unexpectedly on July 17th. She left behind a legacy, a dream, a vision for improved health care for Tanzanians, especially for women and children. Her final wish was for it to continue. It will.


You have provided the means to build and open the first stage of The Children’s Hospital at Zinga. Thank you. 

The roof is on the building to house the x-ray and water purification units and the walls are smoothed. We’ll need


Happy new year to everyone. It is a new year already 2016 and it was 2015 just few days. I wish you, everyone, all the best in this new year. May all of your dreams come true in this year 2016. I know everyone one of us has got new dreams in this 2016. 


Where We Work

We work mainly in 2 different cities in Tanzania.


Zinga, the location of the childrens' hospital, is the marker on the coast and about 1.5 hrs drive north of Dar es Salaam. The Nursing School is located in Dodoma, Tanzania's capital city and located near the center of the country.